(︎)  Loud, Not Clear

A project that focuses on the design of a museum identity for an imagined exhibition for Redback Graphix within the State Library of Victoria, as part of its ambitious expansion, ‘Vision 2020’.

This identity project is separated into three unique components which includes:

(1)  Invitation
(2) Feature Wall
(3) Microsite



To create volume with little space. It tells us that we do not need much to create a lot within a limited space.

  1. The flip from the phrase, ‘Loud and clear’ was intentional to better align the design according to the spirit of Redback Graphix, who were generally subversive and rather witty with theirs. 

  2. The feature wall is also stripped from colors and reduced to black & white. The main idea behind this was to be unconventional to the theme, as Redback Graphix is usually bold and eye-catching. This was intentionally done to give away as little as possible and encourage the audience to enter the event, which would then allow for the full experience and colours of the work to shine through.

  3. The purpose of the opening quote by Margaret Mahood was to give those interested an idea of what the exhibition meant. On the homepage, the mouse hovers over the imagery to show a black and white halftone image of the artwork. The image used to promote the event is reduced to detail which again, prompts the audience to seek the full experience at the event.

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